Mr. Pravin Chopda.

"Shifting the house is big trouble. It is very difficult to change a place for two main reasons.. one being we are emotionally get attached to a place where we live for quiet a long period and second... it is hell of a job to shift all the stuff to new house and keep it in the same way so as to feel us homely.
But this job is very well undertaken by HOME Packers & Movers in my case at 2 Times. Firstly from A'Bad to Kolhapur and then after 6 years from Kolhapur to Jalgaon....
They have shifted in very different cultures each time but kept my home as it is, So as to feel me very much at my first place.
I have chosen Home Packers & Movers each time and they have delivered much more than our expectations..
Many more good wishes for your journey in the peoples' heart...
Pravin Chopda.