Our Features

Over the past two decades we have been the leading service provider in the packing and movingindustry. Our reliable, efficient and quality services has gained accolades across the industry. This has helped us in achieving a huge client base from both residential as well as corporate segment. Our personnel have considerable experience, market understanding and expertise to offer the excellent services to our clients. They are the pillars of our company and are trained to handle all commercial as well as personal goods & its transportation.

  • Packing, handling and carrying household goods.
  • Door-to-door hassle free transportation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
  • Residential or official relocation.
  • Proper attention to all your needs by competent manpower.
  • We provide compensation for breakage / damage caused due to our negligence.
  • We have well protected ware houses for taking care of your goods and guest houses and we provide these services free of cost (Conditions apply)

We have well protected ware houses for taking care of your goods and guest houses and we provide these services free of cost (Conditions apply)

Our Advantages
  • A strong network of 1264 destinations nationwide.
  • Free warehouse for 7 days in all Metro Cities.
  • Insurance by nationalized Companies.
  • Satisfied list of clients, for further reference.
  • Fully computerized as well as networked branches.
  • Well-trained professionals with experience in all aspects of transportation.
  • The 2.5 Million Square feet warehouses provide enough space to temporary store a large number of consignments. These warehouses are appropriate for storing any kind of goods integrated with all the security systems.
  • A well maintained fleet of 1000 vehicles (including car carriers and special household carriers).
  • 24*7 customer care services.
  • International standard packing materials and techniques for safety of goods during transportation.
  • Strong Research and Development department provide us complete knowledge about the ever changing customer needs. This helps us us to plan our services accordingly.
  • A Strong Training Department that trains each and every personnel and provides them complete knowledge about their area of work of transport industry.
  • A convenient special door-to-door Car Carrier service that is designed particularly to ensure scratch free cars delivered to your desired destination.
  • Conveyor Belt Loading system in warehouses for easy handling of consignments at the time of loading or unloading.
  • Staff of more than 1000 dedicated personnel to ensure compliance of high service standards. You are saved from certain unscrupulous elements in the industry.
  • Household carrier with double door and a separator can load goods of two different clients separately. Hence it is very easy to load and unload goods for both parties & also, very economical.
  • A single unique countrywide phone number for easy accessibility to call for shifting requirement. It is easy to remember and has greater recall value.
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